Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bosco Boys Club - "Self-Control"

The Bosco Boys Club met on Fat Tuesday. We started out playing with Hot Wheels and Twister.

 Then we played some games designed to practice this month's virtue: SELF-CONTROL!

We marched to some fun New Orleans Jazz... and won Mardi Gras beads!

We played "Go Wild... and Freeze!"

We played "The Giggle Game" ... trying to make each other laugh.

The boys really loved these games.... and their behavior was the best ever this month!

One of the moms made a yummy "King Cake" for snack.

We had a really good discussion about Lent and the sacrifices we were planning to make. This tied in so nicely with our discussion of self-control (which is a PERFECT virtue for little boys to practice). We also shared the story of Saint Augustine. The boys were very interested to learn about how Augustine lived a wild, unholy life and then changed his ways completely. We gave each of the boys a Saint Augustine holy card and a Lenten Path calendar.

We ended our meeting by playing "Keep the Balloon in the Air."

This was our best meeting ever! It's awesome to see these boys becoming friends and to see how much they are enjoying these gatherings.

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