Friday, February 17, 2012

And What Did YOU Do Today?

This morning we were up, dressed, and ready to head to Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.... and the phone rang. Class had to be cancelled because several families were attending a funeral and/or sick.

So we did a bit of schoolwork here and then we headed to COSI, our local Science Center. We met some friends there.... and even celebrated one of the boys' birthday with a great chocolate cake at lunch time!

The highlight of the day for the boys was participating in "Gadgets Cafe." We worked on a team with our friends and we got to open up an old computer and completely tear it apart! Now THAT was fun!

Aren't the goggles great?

Adam pulled all of these little knobs (?) off the control boards and brought them home in his pocket. He plans to build his own Mario game with them. ;)

Check out these smiles!
Why does destruction make them so happy?

I was so impressed by how the six kids worked together on this. They were all so excited and fascinated by the insides of the computer. (I was too!) It was great to see their concentration and listen to their observations!

Of course on the way home we had a BIG talk about all the things that they ARE NOT allowed to take apart at home! :)

A few more pics from COSI ---

Riding on a buggy in "1898"
We even got to lift a car!
It was an unexpectedly fun day!

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  1. Sometimes the best learning takes place on days like this.