Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ancient Egypt

We've been learning about Ancient Egypt! It's been very interesting for all of us. The boys (especially Ray) are fascinated by mummification and hunting for treasure in the pyramids. We've been reading a great stack of books (some from the library and some from Aunt Susan) and we watched a really neat video from the library as well.

This sticker craft (from Oriental Trading) was a big hit....

Some map work and coloring pages ---

 The boys got this Ramses Pyramid Lego game from their Grandma for Christmas. They've been having fun playing it this week. 

The figurines are from an "Ancient Egypt Tube" I bought at Michael's.

We made our own pyramids out of sugar cubes!

Today we studied ancient Egyptian art and talked about their unique style of portraying people and gods.

I played "Walk Like An Egyptian" for them and even demonstrated the SUPER COOL dance we used to do for that song. They were NOT impressed.

Ray had informed me that we NEED to go see the pyramids in Egypt SOON. For now we're settling on Google Earth.... and hoping to find a museum or other cool Egyptian display to check out soon!

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