Sunday, February 5, 2012


Check out my kitchen.....

No, we're not moving out. But we are FINALLY getting a new floor! I've been wanting to get rid of this ---

----dirty, old, impossible-to-clean vinyl for such a long time. And tomorrow is the day!

At least tomorrow is the day the demolition begins. Our contractor is going to completely rip up the floor (which already has three layers of vinyl), lay a new subfloor and new (CLEAN) vinyl, and re-do our trim.

When I was thinking about this project, I really had no idea what all it would entail. There will be lots of dust involved in the demolition. So we have practically gutted our kitchen. Check out the family room ----

Nice, huh? I still have dishes in the top cupboards for now. But those are also going to come out later in the week. Once the floor is in, I am going to paint my cabinets. (Yes, I know that's a bit backwards.) When we first moved into this house (almost 10 years ago), I planned to re-do the dark, dingy cupboards right away. Well.... I'm getting right on it now! ;)

This is the perfect time for a complete re-organization and overhaul of my kitchen. I am going to sort through everything and get rid of lots of stuff that I rarely use. So, if you don't see much here at Being Mirrors for the next several weeks, you'll know why! While Jon's working late doing taxes, I'm tackling this kitchen project! I'll try to post some updates. And hopefully the "AFTER" pictures will be awesome!

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