Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wild Week of Field Trips and Fun

We're in the home stretch for this school year and there are a lot of field trips and fun opportunities for learning away from home. This week we had a great time taking part in several activities. However, our energy level and behavior has definitely been affected. (Of course the CONSTANT NEVER-ENDING RAIN is definitely a factor in that as well.)  This week we've got another field trip on Monday. (Our co-op planned them for every Monday in May.) After that, though, we'll be buckling down to our regular schedule at home. There is still work to be done before we wrap things up for the summer.

Here's a glimpse of what the past week included for us:

Sunday - Adam's Birthday! Lots of hoopla!

Monday - Field Trip to Bookmark Horse Farm. We really enjoyed learning about horses.

Adam and his friend Ryan had a great time picking big bouquets of dandelions for their moms.

This barn cat sure got a lot of attention.... was probably SO GLAD when we left

Tuesday - Fairly normal school day. Pottery class at the recreation center in the late afternoon.

Wednesday - We got to study at THE Ohio State University! We had a wonderful time exploring the huge campus. We went to a great presentation at the campus planetarium!

College prodigies!
Ray at the planetarium before the presentation
The boys were so excited when they saw this "double decker" McDonald's. Of course we had to eat lunch there.
 When we returned home on Wednesday afternoon I decided to kick off our plant study by working on starting some seeds in the kits that Pappy and Mary gave the boys for Easter. I gathered all the supplies on the screened in porch (since it was raining of course). This was a BIG mistake. Two boys. Dirt. Ten minutes. Huge mess. They lost interest quickly and I spent an hour doing the planting and cleaning up. Ugghhh...

Thursday -  I am so disappointed that I forgot my camera for this. We gathered with our Little Saints' Club for an Easter Egg Hunt that had been previously postponed because of rain. The park where we met was an absolute swamp. But we still had a great time. The sun was actually out. The children loved playing on the playground. We hid the eggs as best we could along a semi-dry path. There were plenty of treats and fun and Alleluia's. We were all just so glad it wasn't raining. Thank God for rain boots though! We came home very muddy.

Friday - Our last day of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and Montessori class. We are so blessed to be part of an amazing group of families who gather for these awesome programs every Friday. We will miss this until it begins again in September.

Wow... what a busy week! I am so happy that I get to experience all these great things with the boys.

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