Friday, May 13, 2011

A Delicious Field Trip

This week's Monday field trip was a yummy one! We visited the Velvet Ice Cream Factory in Utica, Ohio.  We enjoyed a wonderful tour and we FINALLY actually had a beautiful warm day so we could enjoy the lovely grounds as well.

Our tour guide taught us about the ingredients that are used to make the 60+  flavors of Velvet ice cream. She showed us a video about the history of the company.

Next we headed to the Old Mill and learned about the process of making ice cream.
The water wheel is still a functioning part of the factory. Ray was fascinated by it.
Here we are peeking in at the factory in motion.
Fun friends! Giant scoops of ice cream on the walls.  I won't name names, but one little one was actually licking the walls.
Of course the tour included ice cream samples. Yum!
We spent lots of time playing on the playground and also hiking along a river bank and chasing ducks and geese.
And then we discovered this creekbed. The children had a great time exploring and throwing rocks. Adam, of course, was soaking wet. He just can't resist water.
After playing for a few hours, we were thirsty and wandered inside to the cafe for some water bottles. We ended up "sampling" another ice cream cone! (Two in one day... such a treat!)

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We really enjoyed our visit to Utica! (And we even tried out my new mother's day gift - a GPS - and didn't even get lost!) We hope to take daddy for a yummy visit to the ice cream factory this summer.

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