Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Plant Study

We've been spending these May days learning about plants and beginning some gardening projects.

The boys received gardening tools, seeds, and starter sets for Easter. We've got lots of things growing and ready to be planted outside soon.

We just completed plant lapbooks:

 A peek inside the flaps of Ray's lapbook:

A peek inside Adam's lapbook:

 Much of our planting had been put on hold because of the crazy amount of rain we've gotten. However, we have almost completed a special family gardening project. We are making a Mary garden!

The boys scrubbed the Mary statue while Jon set the border stones in place for our Mary garden.

The boys worked together to prepare the soil.
Tonight we moved the statue and planted some flowers in our garden. I was so into the fun (and the dirt) that I forgot to take pictures! Tomorrow we're going to go pick up some more flowers and stepping stones to complete the garden. Here's what it looks like so far:

We plan to have a May Crowning later this week and I'll post pictures of our finished garden then!

Next we'll move on to our little vegetable plot! Happy Gardening!

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