Saturday, May 7, 2011

Royal Family

On the way home from soccer this morning, when I applauded Jon's bravery for fearlessly facing the geese in the parking lot of Tim Horton's, Ray declared.... "Daddy is the king! Mommy is the old woman who works for the king." What? Huh?

When asked what jobs I do for the king, Ray stated, "You clean the clothes and the dishes. You give the king a bath." Wow! (The king WISHES I would give him a bath!)

Ray then declared himself to be the jester. Adam declared himself a knight.

So, apparently we are a royal family. You can bet that I'm going to try to work my way up from "the old woman who works for the king" to "QUEEN!" If you see me wearing a tiara and acting quite royal you'll know I've succeeded.

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