Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Adam's Birthday Celebration

As I mentioned, Adam turned five on Sunday. I wanted to plan a big backyard carnival party and invite all of our friends. However, Adam had other plans. His assertion of his will, creativity, and interests forced me to accept the fact that I no longer have babies or little ones. They are big boys now. I am proud, but a bit sad.

Adam's demands requests for his birthday were as follows:

1. A "Mario Brothers" themed birthday party. (UGGHHH! I am REALLY resisting this whole "video game thing." We don't own a Mario game. Somehow he has just discovered and fallen in love with this character.)

2. Cake. Chocolate. With Mario on it.

3. Pickles and olives

4. Don't invite anybody except our family and Ryan (his best buddy).

5. Prize boxes

6. A pinata

7. He would make the decorations himself.

Sooo.... not exactly what I had in mind. But I love him. And it was HIS birthday. (So what if I'm the one who carried him for nine months and got cut open in order to give birth to him. Haha.) I guess I should just be happy that his requests were fairly simple and inexpensive.

Here are some highlights from the day:
A gift from Pappy and Mary

Opening Presents. He had a unique style.... dumping the gift bags upside down and letting everything tumble out.
And yes.... he is wearing pajamas. Sigh.
Note the homemade decorations above Jon on the wall.

A Gumball Machine from NeeNee and Carter.
I am now into rationing gum here, but if you bring a quarter to my house you can have a piece.

A very ugly (I think) but delicious cake from our favorite bakery.

Adam enjoying the birthday serenade.

Hooligans preparing to break the pinata.
Jon.... just before he broke the pinata.
(The streamers were Adam's idea for turning the basement into a "haunted Mario cave.")
And finally.... that wild-eyed, over-stimulated, crazy birthday look!

My sisters and I subscribe to the theory that kids tend to be BONKERS (behaviorally, developmentally) in the weeks surrounding their birthday. Adam is definitely proving this to be true! He's testing out the boundaries of being five... and spending lots of time thinking about it in time out these days. But I know he'll figure things out and settle down. I do love his exuberance and creativity. His birthday party ended up being exactly the way HE wanted it to be and I am so happy about that.

Happy Birthday to the awesome boy who will always be my baby!

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