Saturday, October 5, 2013

Native American Unit

We've been learning about the Native Americans. We've been reading about several of the different tribes and discussing where and how they lived, what they ate, how they dressed, ways they adapted to their environments and used the resources they had, their crafts, and their homes. We've been recording this information on a giant chart in our schoolroom.
 The boys have also been recording information about the tribes in these "comic-style" booklets.

We've been enjoying lots of crafts and activities going along with our studies.
Inuit Goggles ---

Lego Inuksuks ---

Sugar Cube Igloo ---- (aka "Epic Pinterest FAIL!!!! I promised my friend Becky I'd post this. This is truly an IG-GLUE! A big pile of sugar and glue that really looks nothing like an igloo. But we had fun attempting to make it.)

Pottery ---
Decorated Buffalo Hides --
Woven Mats --
So much fun! I'll post a follow-up with the rest of our activities when we wrap them up.

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