Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Campout 2013

We had lots of fun with my family at our 2nd annual Halloween campout at Buckeye Lake. Even though it was cold and it rained on Saturday, it was great to be together. The kids had an absolute blast!

Adam ate every bit of caramel and sprinkles off this apple without eating one bite of the actual apple.

We're having a Star Wars themed Halloween this year.
Ray is Luke Skywalker.
Adam is Han Solo.

... and Jon is Darth Vader!
The boys begged me to dress as Princess Leia.
I got an awesome "bun headband" and they were happy.

I didn't get to keep those buns for long!
Mike is the real princess of our family! ;)

Dancing at the "Monster Ball."

 Big time fun.... followed by hundreds of loads of laundry. Still trying to get the campfire smell out of my car. But the memories are worth it.

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