Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Monkey Business

As you may know, Adam really thinks he's a monkey.... or at least he behaves like one. He's always climbing.

We have a magnolia tree in front of our house that has low branches that are easy to climb. Adam climbs this tree every day.
Yesterday it got the better of him.
After a rainy night and morning, the sun finally came out. We broke from schoolwork and I began to prepare lunch. The boys went outside. Two minutes later Adam came inside crying. He had "slipped" in the tree and scratched his side. I took him upstairs, took his shirt off, laid him on my bed, and took a look.
Then I called Jon immediately. I knew we needed to head to Urgent Care. In addition to a big scrape all the way up his side, he had a very deep gaping wound in his armpit. I honestly thought he had ripped a big piece of flesh out. It wasn't bleeding much. I gave him a damp washcloth and he clutched it under his arm.
I am so glad Jon's office is so close to home. He rushed home. We all got in the car (including my nephew Carter who was staying with us) and headed to Urgent Care. It was closed. So we had to head downtown to Children's Hospital. Fortunately, Adam stayed pretty calm. Ray and Carter were very well-behaved. And we got in and out of the ER pretty quickly.
Side note ---- The newly renovated ER at Children's is BEAUTIFUL. I just hope to never see it again.
We really got great care. The doctor came in with a whole group of medical students. Adam seemed so small and so shy as they worked with him. When they asked to see his wound he told them they could see it, but they COULD NOT touch it.
The doctor explained that he had not actually lost a chunk of skin. It was a deep cut that could be stitched. Fortunately, there was no muscle damage or anything more serious.
When we explained that he would have stitches, Adam's lip trembled and he looked at me and said, "Not TODAY Mommy!" He couldn't believe they were going to do the stitches right away. He was very scared and sad. I was SO glad Jon was there to hold him while they did the numbing injections and stitches. (I took the other boys out to the lobby.)
Imagine having injections... and stitches... in your armpit. Yikes!
He did very well and was quite happy to go home with a popsicle and a Gatorade.
He was happy to hear that he can't get a shower for three days (!) but sad that for two weeks he can't play soccer or climb or do the monkey bars (at least his callused hands may heal a bit).
We have to clean the wound three times a day and he hates that. And I don't know how to keep him from climbing and jumping around so much. I might have to restrain him!
(This picture was taken a year ago when we left for our Niagara Falls anniversary trip. My dad, Mary, and the boys are waving farewell. I just wanted to find a picture of the tree.)
So, the monkey is "on the bench" and "out of the tree" for a while. We are VERY thankful that his injury was not more serious. Anytime you visit the children's hospital, you have to remember and pray for the families who are there fighting HUGE battles with horrible injuries and diseases. I can handle armpit stitches and happily take my little monkey home.
 So that's how we spent our Monday! Hope yours was lots more fun. Have you ever prayed for someone's armpit? Please pray for Adam's! ;)

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