Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Big Money!!!

We had a fun adventure at 7:30am last Thursday morning. The boys were invited to be part of a check presentation during a board meeting at AEP. They represented our Pack in receiving and expressing thanks for money donated to the Boy Scout Council.
It was literally a ten minute gig.... and we're up early anyway!
Here they are posing for a picture for the paper.....

 ...and telling the newspaper man how to spell their last name (which isn't easy). We're waiting for the neighborhood paper to come out on Thursday. Hopefully we'll be in it!

The folks at AEP gave each of the boys a tin of Boy Scout popcorn as well. It was funny to hear the boys say, "We get to eat it? We don't have to sell it?"
They ARE still selling popcorn though.... let us know if you want to order any!

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