Monday, September 30, 2013

New Season, New Team

The fall soccer season has finally begun for us. The rec center where the boys play underwent some renovations so our season was delayed. The boys are on a new team this year. Our friend who was their coach has moved on to another league because his boys are older. We miss him! But they are still on a team with Adam's good buddy Ryan. They are no longer the Red Flyers team. It's hard to get used to it.... but now we're cheering for the Purple Vikings. The boys are less than thrilled to be wearing purple, but I love it! ;)
When they first started playing in this age bracket (6-9 year olds) I was scared of how big some of the kids were. Now our guys are some of the big kids! They are definitely improving and making more plays.
Saturday was a gorgeous day and my mom came to see the game. Here are some pictures ---

Adam has red shorts hanging down below his uniform shorts.
We didn't get the uniforms until right before the game... and his were way too big.
We decided to keep the red ones on in case the others fell down!

Adam is number 10 and Ray is number 11.

Adam got to be goalie in the second half.
He did a good job.
Notice his "sideline coach."

I love this "celebration shot."
Adam transformed into a top rate cheerleader when the team scored a goal.
And Ray is celebrating with his teammate on defense.

After the game I went home to do some work and Jon took Ray, Adam, and Ryan BACK to the apple farm. His office had given him free tickets to the fun area for a special event. They had a BLAST and stayed for SEVERAL hours.

 The "hamster balls" were again the biggest hit. We may have to ask Santa for some!


These are fun days with our quickly-growing boys!


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