Sunday, September 8, 2013

Before and After


AFTER ----

For Adam's birthday (way back on May 1st) we asked my dad to help us find someone to add monkey bars to our swingset. (Adam LOVES to climb, swing, hang.... he's part monkey.) We also wanted to strengthen the top bar that supports the swings. Basically, we wanted to upgrade our set to a "BIG BOY swing set." After all, they use it every day. Their recess is almost always in the back yard. Ray and Adam would get to swinging and the whole set would sway back and forth.

We NEVER thought it would take until the end of August for this project to be completed. We had horrible luck with contractors putting us off. Well, it's finally (almost) finished! And the boys are thrilled with it.

We had monkey bars added. Adam has already had blisters on his hands from them. Ray is practicing every day to try to make it across those things. They're pretty high up, but that's good for our tall growing boys!

The main support bar for the swing set is not only replaced and strengthened, but also lengthened. We added another a-frame and two more places for swings. So now we have two kids, but six places to swing. We know lots of families with more kids, but less places to swing. It's a good thing they hang out over here a lot! ;)

The boys are really enjoying their swingset upgrade. In the next few weeks we'll be staining it. And we need to find some kind of ground cover for under the swings.... rather than the dirt/mud spots that inevitably appear.

Thanks so much Dad (and Mary) for getting this done for us! And.... thanks for building the original set for us as well.... all the way back in the Spring of 2007! I remember how little the boys were and how big this swing set seemed. I was so scared that they would fall off and get hurt! Time flies! I can't believe we've already needed to upgrade.

A trip down memory lane .. to the first day we got the swing set... in April 2007!!!

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