Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hello Autumn! Sunday Family Fun

We kicked off Autumn by visiting our local apple orchard with some friends on Sunday. It was a beautiful, fun day!

Adam's favorite part.... running up and down a huge muddy hill!
It may look like he has four arms,
 but the two pink ones belong to his friend who is running behind him.

Mmm.... picnic lunch.

A new attraction this year!
Both boys loved running around in these "hamster balls."

He claims to be 6 feet tall.... I'm not so sure!

My adorable goddaughter
She was the official "taster."
I think she took a bite or two out of a dozen different apples.

Adam amazed us all by eating pretty much an ENTIRE apple... core and all.
I think he spit out the seeds.
We'll see if an apple tree grows in his stomach.

After the apple orchard, we headed to a local park to meet up with Ray's Cub Scout den for a nature walk and den meeting.

Ray did a great job giving a report about some endangered and extinct animals.

Adam got to release some beautiful monarch butterflies.

Here's a poem Ray wrote saying goodbye to Summer and hello to Autumn.
Hello falling leaves.
Goodbye pretty flowers.
Hello apples.
Goodbye strawberries.
Hello school.
Goodbye long days.
Hello cocoa.
Goodbye juice.
Hello soccer.
Goodbye pool.
Hello Thanksgiving.
Goodbye Labor Day.
Hello Autumn.

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  1. Nice, Katie. I like the poem. I think I will use it. :-)