Saturday, September 14, 2013

Because I can't seem to find time to write the awesome posts I want to write....

.... some random September snapshots!
First, some pretty pictures from our yard. Ray planted sunflowers on all sides of our house. It was a variety pack of seeds and we had a variety of sunflowers to show for it! They are pretty and it's been fun to watch the squirrels attack them for their seeds.
 Ray is standing in front of the GIANT flower-less sunflower plant that has leaves bigger than his head. We think a squirrel made off with the flower before it even bloomed.

We have an hibiscus tree that is ugly and mostly dead. We keep saying we need to get rid of it, but then it blooms beautifully again and again.
Similarly, a straggly rose bush in our front yard keeps holding on for dear life and surprising me with these pretty purple roses that smell like soap.
Silly boys singing and dancing in the rain

And squiggly weird raindrops or other goo on my lens.

A pretty kitty in a pretty Autumn basket.
Gloria sat there on top of our school shelf through most of our lessons one day.

One evening while I was getting things ready for dinner I looked out my window and just felt so very happy.
Busy boys playing and Jon happily grilling. All seemed right with the world.

This is MY boy.... just loving some yummy ice cream with blue sprinkles.
What is it with boys and slimy creatures?
They have been finding (and torturing) tons of toads in our yard.

Adam "camping out" on a cool cot from Aunt Nancy.
A post from our Labor Day Michigan trip coming soon (hopefully).

Our family.
My mom took this picture at a restaurant....
to go in our homeschool photo directory.

So that's a fascinating (?) look at just some of the things going on with us these days. More thoughtful, coherent posts coming soon.

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