Sunday, September 15, 2013

Labor Day Trip to Michigan

We took advantage of the flexibility of homeschooling and extended Labor Day weekend Friday through Tuesday. We travelled to Michigan to spend time with Jon's family. It's awesome to be able to pack up the school books and do school in the car and at the hotel. We were able to travel when the roads were less busy.... and spend more time up North.
As we often do, we stopped at the Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation in Carey, Ohio. It's such a beautiful and holy pilgrimage spot.

Jon stopped at this Shrine on his way to Columbus on the day he proposed to me.
It was at this Divine Mercy alcove where he prayed and asked God to bless our relationship.

Adam loved these beautiful zinnias, his favorite flower.
For some reason his didn't grow this year.
Every rest stop should have an awesome playground like this one in Michigan!

 We spent a few days in the Detroit area with one of Jon's sisters and her family. The boys love playing with their cousins. We played board games, went swimming at the YMCA, visited a playground.

These two are still two peas in a pod, born one week apart.
I don't know what happened to my camera once we got to Midland. I didn't take pictures, but we had a really nice time visiting Jon's mom. She is doing well. Our niece Addie has won a BIG scholarship that will pay for her last two years of college, including room and board and books and expenses! It's through the EPA (she's a fishing an wildlife major) and includes a summer internship and a job when she's done! What a dream! AND our nephew Emmett (who was the ring bearer at our wedding) is now engaged to his girlfriend Melissa! Lots of good news and exciting things happening.

It's always good to get up North and spend time with our family there. Can't wait to see them all again soon.

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