Monday, August 16, 2010

Celebrating the Assumption

We've enjoyed celebrating the Assumption of Mary the past few days. Yesterday, in addition to attending Mass of course, we had dinner with a special dessert..... blueberry cobbler on top of "clouds" of vanilla ice cream. It was a big hit! Hubby gave it an 11 out of 10. (That's a lot for a logical CPA!)

Today we met up with our "Pray and Play" friends on the grounds of Saint Therese's Retreat Center. It was a beautiful setting on this gorgeous summer day!

First, we all gathered in the Marian grotto. We talked about the Assumption, presented flowers to Mary, sang "Immaculate Mary," and prayed our prayer cards and the Hail Mary.

Then we made these Assumption crafts:

We had blue plastic cups, with a hole punched through the bottom and a piece of yarn strung through it. The children attached a bead to the top of the yarn, glued on cotton ball clouds, and then attached pictures of Mary to the bottom of the yarn. When they pull the yarn, Mary rises into heaven! (We made the same craft for the Ascension, but with Jesus of course.)

After that we enjoyed some yummy snacks: pastries, grapes, and marshmallows ("clouds").

My boys' favorite part of the day was the unplanned "service project." The retreat center grounds were covered with twigs and all sizes of branches, probably blown down in recent storms. When a few of the boys were beginning to act up, I persuaded them to use their powers for good instead of evil. We became the "STICK PATROL!" Soon most of the children joined in as we collected sticks and stacked them behind a shed. We definitely left the place looking better than when we arrived. And, amazingly, there were no notable injuries.

We also had fun kicking balls around, blowing bubbles, and playing "Holy, Holy Mary" (instead of "Duck, Duck Goose.")

We have really loved these Monday Pray and Play dates. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take pictures of last week's outing to Delaware Dam. We talked and prayed about the Holy Spirit, made windsocks, flew kites, took a hike, played on the playground, and enjoyed a picnic lunch. Next week is our last Pray and Play for this summer. Time is flying by and it's time to get ready for school to start already!

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