Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympics and Future Olympians

Ok, yes, I AM all about charts..... here's a shot of our Olympic poster where we are keeping track of all the medals the American team earns. It has been really fun to check the standings each morning and add the medals.
And, our future Olympians completed their "Pee Wee Sports" class at the Y last night. They even got certificates and gummy sharks! Ray really loved the class, in which we (children AND parents) got to play different sports each week. We played basketball, soccer, hockey, and flag football. We also played dodgeball, did warm-up exercises, and played parachute games. Ray's favorite sport was hockey and we signed him up for a seven week floor hockey class that begins next week. We looked into ice skating lessons, but WOW they are expensive! I really think swimming will be his sport anyway.... he's just got that Michael Phelps body. Adam decided to sit the next session out. He liked the running around part of the classes much better than the listening and trying new skills. Maybe next year!
Speaking of physical fitness, it's really time for me to get moving again. One of my favorite bloggers mentioned she is committing to walking 40 miles during Lent. I'm inspired, but need to get started NOW!
Have a great day!

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