Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lenten Calendar

Today we began our Lenten journey to the cross. Our path is made of stones (even though they look like jelly beans). Each stone has the date and an activity for the day. The activities include reading Bible stories about the life of Jesus, crafts (like cross necklaces and crowns of thorns and Paschal candles), praying the Stations of the Cross, baking foods (like pretzels and hot cross buns), commemorating saints' Feast days, and different ways of giving alms (packing up bags of toys, clothes, and food items for the poor and adding coins to the mission box). I am making cards with each boy's picture so that they can move themselves along the path each day. Hopefully it will be a good way to keep us focused on the disciplines of Lent.
My sister came to visit today and for some reason said "Alleluia." Ray quickly corrected her and told her she can't say that until Easter. As soon as Jon came home, Ray reported the "transgression" to him as well. I guess we'll be held accountable for all of our Lenten practices this year!
All the best....

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