Thursday, February 18, 2010

Counting to 40

Our Lenten task for today (on our Path to the Cross) was "Counting to 40." We practiced counting by ones, fives, and tens. Then we made these Lenten necklaces. The boys had to pick out 4 sets of 10 beads. Then, as they strung them, they got to put "special" beads in between each set. The special beads were in the shape of crosses, doves, angels, etc. It was a fun craft... with some Religion and Math woven in for good measure.
And now we're setting off for dinner at Steak and Shake and some RUN AROUND time at the Magic Mountain play gym with Aunt NeeNee (Colleen) and Carter! We have been really cooped up because of the snow. The roads are clear and we're getting out of here! Poor Jon is slaving away in tax land. It seems that lots of people spent their snow days gettting their tax stuff ready and now Jon has a mountain of returns to do. God bless him, though. He never complains. I am so blessed to have a husband who really loves his work.
Happy Thursday!

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