Friday, February 26, 2010

The End of a Lucky Streak

Neither of my boys has ever puked.... until this morning at 3:00. It was a good run of luck that had to come to an end I guess. So, I'll spare you the pictures today. It wasn't pretty. It was Adam, by the way, and he doesn't seem to be really sick. He has complained a few times today about a sore tummy and he hasn't eaten much. He hasn't had a fever and he is still begging for cookies and treats.

I'm bummed that we couldn't/didn't go to Good Shepherd today and it's snowing AGAIN.... and I'm waiting to see if any of the rest of us will get sick. I am supposed to go to the Columbus Catholic Women's Conference tomorrow and I've really been looking forward to that. So, we'll see.

The cynical side of me is saying I should never talk about what a great day we had (like I did yesterday) because the other shoe is sure to drop close behind that.

So, I'm in my comfy sweats hanging out with the boys and getting ready to cook fish for dinner. I can't really complain much about that! There is something awesome and fulfilling about being able to hold a sick child and help him feel better, even just a little bit.

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  1. You've NEVER had a puking kid??? How did you skirt by that issue??? You know, I had to think twice about having kids, just because they puke, and I didn't know if I'd be able to handle it! Little did I know that puking was one of the easier issues I'd have to deal with. I hope Adam feels better by now... maybe it was just something that didn't agree with him. I hope he doesn't "spread the love". Some things are better not shared! Have a great weekend.~Mitzi ♥