Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Roughing It"

We spent last weekend "roughing it" ... sort of. We went camping with my sisters, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew in some small cabins at a KOA campground about 30 minutes from home. We had a great time! Beautiful weather. Lots of fun activities for the kids. We missed my mom, who was supposed to go with us but couldn't because of her broken ankle. Both of my kids cried real tears when we had to come home on Sunday. They're now wanting to save up money to buy an RV. ("Roadschooling.... here we come!") Here are some pictures from the weekend ----

Hanging out in the cabin with Aunt Reenie and Poppy

My niece and her friend

Adam chowing down on a s'more

Ready for bed

Jon cooking breakfast in the great outdoors

Playing at the park ---
This shot's for you Pappy and Mary.... a "simple machine" at work.

Riding some cool bikes

Pumpking Painting

These two were the tenders of the fire all weekend long.

Trick or treating!
We already have more candy than we'll ever need.
I'm hoping to get away with passing some of it out on beggar's night! ;)

Uncle Mike grilling some dinner.

Dancing up a storm at the "Monster Ball"

Aunt NeeNee with the crazy boys!

This giant bouncing pillow was a big hit.
I can't believe the kids didn't come home with aching legs.
Ray was just in a state of pure joy bouncing on this thing!

We had a great fall family adventure!
Thanks Mike and Reenie!

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  1. Katie, looks like you're doing well! Camping is always fun. I have tried talking Adam into the whole roadschooling idea (great name for it!) but he wants nothing of it. And, that bounce zone looks awesome!