Sunday, August 14, 2011

We survived - and thrived!

We really ENJOYED unplugged week around here. We found lots of fun things to do. Adam was the only one who even counted down the days. I was especially impressed with Ray, who thoroughly enjoyed getting into some projects and activities that I know he would not have picked up if he had the option of watching TV. We read lots of books, did some art and some cooking, went on some fun outings, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Now we are transitioning into a school schedule with dramatically cut-back and controlled TV/computer time. I don't think it will be a problem though. We have so many fun things to learn and do. Here are some glimpses of the fun we had during unplugged week ----

Jon taught both boys to play checkers and they are even beginning to learn chess. Later in the week they got into a Marathon Monopoly game. However, Ray informed me yesterday that Adam was out of the game because he got "bank-robbed" (meaning bankrupt).

We discovered that the new fountain park at Scioto Mile  in Downtown Columbus is AWESOME!

Ray got out his Lincoln Logs and built an entire town.

Both boys began Karate classes at Team Karate Center. Adam is demonstrating a move he learned.

Jon and the boys spent a fun evening at Holy Spirit Parish festival while I hosted a committee meeting here.

Have YOU ever petted a flamingo?
The boys and I had a really fun day at the zoo.

Can't watch TV?
Might as well brush a goat!

Dippin Dots!

I can't believe they are big enough to ride the carousel all by themselves now! We are definitely in a new phase of family life.

Spitting dinosaurs! These zoo creatures were mechanical and they were a huge hit with my boys. They got absolutely soaked.

The one exception to the unplugged week challenge was movie night at the pool, the last one of the summer. Ray tired out too early, but Jon and Adam watched Toy Story 3 on the big screen on Friday night.

Even though we're starting school tomorrow, we're still going to enjoy lots more summer fun in the next few weeks!

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