Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How Sundays Are Meant To Be!

What could be better than spending a beautiful Summer Sunday afternoon at this lovely house on a pretty little lake?

Spending it with awesome friends! We had a fantastic time at my friend Becky's parents' home in Chillicothe. It was a relaxed afternoon of cooking out, swimming in the lake, roasting s'mores, making ice cream, relaxing, playing, visiting, and sort of fishing.

We are so blessed to have family friends. The kids love playing together and the adults really enjoy spending time together too! I can't imagine raising my family without the love, friendship, and support of good friends. I am looking forward to lots more fun adventures in the future!

Here are some shots from the day ----

Picnic on the porch

Adam's wild find... a teeny tiny toad

Ryan and Adam preparing to dive from a platform into the lake!

Ray striking a pose before a fancy dive.

Action shot!

Bathing beauties!

Getting ready to roast marshmallows

Making homemade ice cream!

The dads took the kids swimming and then enjoyed talking football, wrestling, and who knows what else!

Christian - so serious with his serious marshmallow roasting device!

Lovely ladies (and Noah) at the lake

We tried some fishing as we were winding down and preparing to leave... just basically threw some poles in, nothing serious and didn't catch anything.... but the boys loved it.

What a catch!
 I really believe that this is how Sundays are meant to be.... Mass in the morning, families relaxing and being together in the afternoon. When we were growing up, we went to Mass and then to my grandparents' home for a big breakfast. After breakfast we played cards or sat and visited in the yard. I don't remember tons of errands and chores on Sundays. (Then again, I was a kid.) I hope to create some real Sabbath time on Sundays with our family. It's important.

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  1. I am so glad your family could enjoy Sleepy Bear Lodge along with Becky and her family! We hope to enjoy a lot of Sunday afternoons there with friends and family.

    Becky's Dad Pat