Friday, August 5, 2011

A Great Day at the State Fair

Yesterday Jon left work at 3:00 and we headed to the Ohio State Fair. We met my dad, sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew there. It was a sunny, not-too-hot day. We had a wonderful time! This year the kids were way more into the rides and games than in the past. So we didn't see very many animals or exhibits, but we did have lots of fun. Here are some pictures from our adventure at the fair.

Can you tell who's more scared on the sky ride?
Hint: He's older than 6! ;)

Carter aand Adam on the alligator ride. We have pictures of the boys on this ride from the past three years. They are growing so fast. They'll probably be too big for it by next year!

The petting zoo is always a big hit!

Have YOU ever fed a kangaroo?

Pappy and his posse!

Ray and Ava going down the gigantic slide! Ray loved this! He went about six times. It was his first year of doing it all by himself.

Seriously!?!? Talk about fair food... cheeseburgers with donuts as the "bun." I actually saw people eating these!

The annual "butter cow."

And of course we had to play some games!

All the boys (with help from Pappy and Nee Nee) won prizes!
I got to ride this giant ferris wheel with my dad!

Colleen and I holding all the "stuff" while Jon and the boys ran through a fun house about ten times. (Colleen had just blown powdered sugar from her funnel cake all over me!)

Jon running through the fun house... what a good sport!

Can you spot the "monkeys" in this fun house?

As we were riding the tram back to our car, we even got to see the fireworks!

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