Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jelly Bean Day

Did I forget to mention that we SURVIVED tax season? I am so proud of Jon and all of the hard work he did again this year. Last week he worked 91 billable hours! We are so glad to have him back with us. Honestly, the past few days have been a blur as we've celebrated the end of tax season and tried to get back to a "regular" schedule.

My dad and Mary came into town this week and will be visiting for the next few weeks. Yesterday they were "substitute teachers" for the day and I got the day off! I can't even tell you how nice it was just to do errands without the boys in tow. I really enjoyed it.... and so did they.

Dad, Mary, Ray, and Adam had JELLY BEAN DAY here at home.

They made jelly bean graphs:

 They wrote about jelly beans:

.... pretzels!
 When I got home they were hunting for Easter eggs all around the house. They also made really cute rhyming books that Mary had worked hard to prepare. (I'll try to post about that soon.) I think Mary was actually the teacher and Dad and the boys were her students. They all seemed to have a great day and I was so thankful for the break! I have now declared our homeschool to be on SPRING BREAK for the next week! Yeah!
Thanks Dad and Mary!

Easter gifts from Dad and Mary.... AWESOME gardening bags complete with seeds and gloves and tools! This will be perfect for next month's theme - plants! Thanks!

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