Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Geo Trax

When I loaded pictures from my camera onto my computer today, I found 34 pictures that I had not taken. They all looked something like this:

I didn't even need to ask who took these shots. They definitely give me a glimpse into the world as Ray sees it. He's our train enthusiast. We've had all kinds of trains in our house ever since he was about 17 months old. He never grows tired of them.

 As I looked at these pictures today, I was remembering his fourth birthday when we bought him his first little Geo Trax set. A friend of mine had recommended these Fisher Price trains as "the next step" as he was getting bored with his Thomas set. Ray loved them immediately and has been playing with them ever since.

I remember getting online with Ray and looking at all of the Geo Trax layouts. I remember being amazed and incredulous. Why would people allow their entire living rooms to be filled with these trains?  Little did I know that in just a few years my family room would look like this:

Ray has gotten really good at building elaborate layouts. Every few days I make him clean it all up so I can walk across the room and/or vacuum, but then he just builds an even bigger and better layout the next day.

I can't believe how much he still loves playing with these trains! They are sturdy and versatile. We've purchased several pieces from garage sales. They all work together well and hold up for a long time. So I guess this is a product endorsement. (Believe me, I'm not paid a dime!) When other children visit our house, they inevitably end up playing with the Geo Trax.

I spent my childhood playing with Fisher Price Little People sets, especially the school house. I have a feeling that these Geo Trax will be the toys we keep and end up passing down to grandchildren some day!

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  1. I'm always finding pictures like that on my camera! I love seeing what they like to take pictures of!