Monday, March 28, 2011

Circus Fun!

Lots of days feel like the circus around here.... but on Sunday we got to spend some fun family time at an actual circus. For the second year in a row, Jon's boss generously gave us tickets as well as spending money. We had a great time! This year the boys knew what to expect and they were so excited.

We rode carnival rides and played games.

We enjoyed the crazy circus acts. One of our favorites was the "Pork Chop Revue."

Check out this guy! He was one of a group of fantastic, fun-to-watch gymnasts. This picture shows him diving over a bunch of clowns!

Jon and Adam rode an elephant!

The boys got the coolest prizes ever.... light up swords with swirling crystal balls on the end. The balls make lights on the ceiling or floor. Very fun!

 A good time was had by all! Adam was sound asleep by the time we got on the freeway.  He's been clutching the tiger he won ever since.

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