Wednesday, January 5, 2011

School Pictures

One thing that homeschoolers miss out on is having school pictures taken. Each year I receive school pictures from my nieces and nephews, but I hadn't taken the boys for professional pictures in almost two years. So, of course, some family members (who shall remain unnamed) began to complain. We decided to get family pictures taken for our Christmas card and get shots of each of the boys. We gave their pictures to grandparents, aunts, and uncles for Christmas.

Done, right?

Apparently not.

My dad and his wife generously watched the boys a few nights ago so that Jon and I could enjoy a long-overdue date night. When we returned, they informed us that they had taken school pictures of the boys. Here they are:

Cute, huh? So handsome. So school-like. They even dug through the kids' closets to find vests and ties! The boys just thought it was cool because they got to sit on the school table to have the pictures taken.

Here are their "scholarly, thoughtful" poses:

We'll definitely display those when they graduate from Harvard.... or get their GED's. :)
Ironically, the day after these pictures were taken I found out that some older children from our homeschool group are working on a yearbook AND.... they are bringing in a photographer to our Valentine's Day party. All of the children will have the opportunity to have REAL SCHOOL PICTURES TAKEN! Wow! So, family members, you will have PLENTY of school pictures of the boys this year.

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