Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Things

It's FINALLY Spring! It FINALLY looks and feels like Spring around here!  After the brutally long winter, a terribly taxing tax season, and a super-sacrificial Lent, we are definitely happy to be experiencing the warmth, life, light, and joy of Spring. We're singing lots of Alleluias and enjoying renewed energy. Check out some of our favorite sights and sounds of Spring -----
These crocuses only stayed for a few days. Now we've got beautiful daffodils and tulips.
Helping with the Cub Scout clothing drive.
We cleaned out our closets and sent extra clothes off to those in need.

We found the Easter Bunny at Kroger! Woo hoo!

The Kroger Easter Bunny sent us on a scavenger hunt around the store....
and then gave us lots of cool treats!

Adam scored a goal last week.... and the Vikings actually won!

Our awesome expanded edition swingset!!!!
First Communion Preparation!
Adam will join us at the Table of Jesus in less than three weeks!
He's working hard to prepare.
It makes this joyous Easter season so special.

And our FAVORITE part of Spring.......

.... we've got DADDY back!
Tax Season is OVER!!!!
In this picture Jon's doing his "happy tax day dance!"
We all celebrated when Jon came home on the 15th.... before midnight!
It always takes a while for us to transition back to "normal" family life,
but we sure are happy and proud of Daddy!

Adam is sporting a new black gi for his karate class.
He has made great progress this Spring and will test into a new belt level on Thursday!
It's so great to be able to send the boys outside to run and play at recess time, to be able to take walks, sit on the porch swing, open up the windows. Thank you God for SPRING!

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