Saturday, April 5, 2014


With the exception of Jon (who is too busy doing taxes and gave up chocolate for Lent), we've been all about chocolate lately. We just finished reading Charlie*and*the*Chocolate*Factory and we all loved it. Today we visited the Anthony*Thomas*Chocolate*Factory for their Easter Open House and we watched the movie of Charlie*and*the*Chocolate*Factory. Before bed the boys were engaged in quite a game outside. I asked them what they were doing and they said they were playing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and it was "the most fun they've had in years." ;) (So much for the Disney Cruise and a million other "fun" activities we've done..... but how awesome that they're so engaged in and inspired by the literature we're reading.) We may or may not have bought a bag full of chocolate at the end of the factory tour today. I just hid it in the closet, mostly so that I don't eat it. ;) Fortunately, only two more weeks until Easter!

Here are some pictures from the tour today. I was so impressed by how efficiently they moved lots and lots of people through the factory. It was really enjoyable.

Last year Ray was "too old" for the Easter Bunny.... but this year he was right in on the action.
This year Adam was "too old." I wanted them to take my picture with the Easter Bunny, but they refused.

They both want the Easter Bunny to bring them "Big Pete" --- 30 pounds of solid chocolate.

I think Adam tried to lick the glass at this point.
He takes after me.

We saw this little lady making Easter baskets on the news at 8:00am.
She was still at it at 2:00pm when we toured.
She must be the Easter Bunny's #1 assistant!

Adam trying to eat the giant Buckeye in the gift shop.

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