Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Green Belt!

I am very proud to announce that Adam has earned his GREEN BELT in Karate! This is a very big deal for him. He and Ray were "stuck" on orange belt for many months. They both took the fall off and then Adam decided to return to Karate and work hard to pass to the next level. At our dojo (Kelly Muir's Excel Karate System, formerly known as "Team Karate Center"), beginner skills must be completely mastered before moving on to the Intermediate level which begins with green belt. Adam set this goal for himself and worked very hard to get to this level.
Last week he took a skills test. Here are some pictures from that test ----
He was very serious and intense throughout the test.

Adam got to lead one of the drills.

My favorite part of the test... the testers had to spar with some of the black belt students.
Adam did not seem at all scared to face off against this giant guy!

After the test..... a successful group!

At the end of his class on Tuesday, Adam officially graduated to green belt.

He now gets to wear a black gi. (He actually got his a bit early because his other one was WAY too small.) The most exciting part for Adam is that he got....

So, don't mess with our little ninja!
We are very proud of him and we hope he will continue to work hard in Karate.

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