Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sparkly Days!

The Christmas season is paradise for all of us who LOVE sparkles and glitter! These days have been sparkly in many ways here as we've wrapped up 2013 and headed into 2014.
I was thrilled when I was able to convince Jon to let us get "the most sparkly Christmas card ever!" ;)
I bought Jon some scratch off lottery tickets for Christmas and then forgot to put them in his stocking. I found them in my purse a few days later, tossed them to him at lunch time (after considering adding them to my dad's birthday gift instead), and he won $1000!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!! Of course we already have a list of several ways to spend it.... but we'll need to just put it toward bills in the end. Still, what a great surprise windfall! 

Ray took this picture of Jon, me, and the ticket. ;)

 I got a big box of sparkly fun stuff for Christmas!

I had to invite some other sparkle fans over to play with all my new stuff! We made some glitter pictures and then painted our nails.

The moms painted the girls' nails...
...and the girls painted ours!
Another sparkly surprise from a dear friend! Now I can sparkle everyday.

We finally got to check out some of the light displays around the city.

We spent New Year's Eve at a last-minute/impromptu party with some dear friends.

We got home around 9:30... but - for the first time - the kids insisted on staying up until midnight. I couldn't believe it, but they made it!!!

We spent New Year's Day celebrating my dad's 66th birthday. We played cards and games, ate yummy food and snow cones, completed our Christmas puzzle, and enjoyed family time together.


And today we enjoyed watching several inches of sparkly snow pile up outside. It's really cold out and the wind is blustery, but we're snuggled in cozy and watching the Christmas lights continue to sparkle and shine.
Our awesome snow shovel brigade!
Adam, Ray, Pappy, and Carter

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