Sunday, December 29, 2013

Speaking of Family....

.... the Christmas celebrations go on and on!

Michigan Christmas --- With Jon's Family
Adam and Jon really enjoyed their trip to Michigan to celebrate Christmas with Jon's family. They celebrated at the new condo of one of his sisters and they tell me it's lovely! As always, there was tons of good food and a gazillion presents.

Grandma with a craft we made for her.
I made these with a girls group this fall and then the boys made several for family member Christmas gifts.

Jon's oldest sister, Kay, turned 60 today!
Happy Birthday Kay!
We love you!

Adam and Kelly playing in the snow at Grandma's house.
I have no idea how this picture is snowing, but it's so cool, right?

Ray and I were very excited to welcome Jon and Adam home from their trip. It was so cute to see how much the boys missed each other. They brought home a mountain of presents for Ray (celebrating his birthday as well as Christmas).
It was CRAZY how excited Ray was to receive the Game of Life from his Grandma. And we know when Ray REALLY likes a gift ---- he hold it over his head and screams. ;)

A remote control helicopter from Aunt Kay.
(Adam got one too and they can battle! I might need to start wearing a helmet around here.)

Did I mention that there was a MOUNTAIN of gifts for Ray?

The Game of Life is the new game of choice around here!
Christmas With Pappy and Mary
My dad and Mary arrived for a visit a few days ago.... bringing yet another mountain of gifts. We are so blessed by so many loving and generous family members.... I try really hard to keep the focus on visiting and celebrating the real reason for the season, but the gifts have been very exciting too.
Dad and Mary are going on a great trip to Hawaii this winter, so we had fun putting together a basket of Hawaiian themed gifts for them.

The boys got lots of Skylanders figures and some Skylander Mega Blocks sets from Pappy and Mary. I must have been pretty excited about those because all my pictures turned out blurry. I did, however, get a good shot of another "over-the-head" favorite of Ray's ----

I was delighted to receive an entire box of sparkly stuff!!!! I'm talking about glitter, glitter glue, glitter nail polish..... really fun stuff! I need to have a sparkle play date or something. You can see in the picture below how (non)thrilled Adam is with it. ;)

And so the Christmas season continues. I think we've made it through all the gift-giving. We are still enjoying our 12 days of Christmas family surprises and we've got lots of fun non-gift celebrations planned with family and friends in the next several days.

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