Thursday, January 30, 2014

Perfectly Logical, Right?

I don't know much about all the ins and outs of Obama*Care and insurance, but I know that the health care system is a total mess when things like this happen ---

1. Weird bumps on my neck.

2. Went to dermatologist.

3. She told me it wasn't cancerous or dangerous (yay!), prescribed a special cream.... and gave me a coupon that would let me get it for $10. Great.

4. Jon dropped off the prescription.

5. Jon went to pick up the prescription and was told that the cream would cost $600!!! That's right... $600 for cream for benign bumps on my neck.

6. Jon tells pharmacy tech he has a coupon.

7. Pharmacy tech punches in some numbers and says, "Ok. That will be $10."

8. Jon pays $10, gives me the cream, I put it on the bumps, the bumps go away, and we all live happily ever after.

BUT.... I just can't stop wondering how much it really costs to make this cream. $600???? $10????? Did those numbers just get pulled out of thin air? Do some people pay $600 for this stuff? Why have the coupons? Is this stuff really just Jergens*Lotion shoved into a medical-looking tube?

What a mess! These sort of games are what make the health care situation so horrible.

The end of rant.

Ultimately, I'm so thankful to have access to good healthcare, to have insurance, to be dealing with benign neck bumps rather than something much more serious. Thank you Lord! Please send us a genius saint to figure out how to help EVERYONE have access to good medical care that makes sense and isn't a big game. Amen.

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  1. Same thing happened to us. Received a $100 off coupon for one of hubby's meds. Price without the coupon would break the bank. He was eventually switched to a cheaper alternative pending some lab work. Now the six year old has reflux meds that are $100 a bottle. I am looking for the money tree seed.