Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pool Rats!


 It's Summertime! If you're looking for us, chances are we're at the pool! We are so blessed to live just three houses away from our pool. And I'm LOVING the fact that the boys don't need (or even want) me to be right with them all the time anymore. I'm able to relax a bit and they have a great time.

I estimate that they've each jumped off the diving boards approximately 6,834 times so far this year. They're obsessed! Their newest trick is jumping off and touching the bottom of the pool. Woo hoo!

Today we packed a picnic lunch and Jon joined us on his lunch break. In the past several days we've enjoyed swimming with lots of friends and cousins.

Hooray for Summer!

Carter and Adam

Ray in mid-air and Adam heading for another turn
Ava and Ray 

Adam and his friend "E"

My cutie Goddaughter "L" striking a pose!

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