Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our LAST Book Club Gathering for the Year

Just catching up a bit here.... I wanted to post some pictures of our last book club meeting.
The boys had an assignment to read a biography and make a poster illustrating the life of the person about whom they read.
Adam studied Martin Luther King Jr. ---

Ray studied Abraham Lincoln ---

Interestingly, two of the other boys did Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant. We had a real Civil War theme going!

Next we learned more about adjectives and listed several adjectives to describe each of our historical figures.

We made posters with adjectives about ourselves ---

I love that all of the boys chose to describe themselves as holy.

They are all definitely silly!

 We also played "literature genres" bingo as we learned about the various types of literature. I gave them a "homerun reader" summer challenge. They each need to read four books from four different genres. When they're all finished, I'll take them out for ice cream.

Meanwhile, the girls worked on the book "Silly Sally." At the end of our session, they treated us to a SILLY fashion show!

We had SO MUCH FUN with our book club! We are definitely planning to continue it next year.

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  1. Katie, this looks great! Looks like you had so much fun doing this during the year!