Wednesday, June 12, 2013

End of Year Picnic 2013

The school year is FINISHED!
We survived first/second grade and now it's summertime!
Last week was even busier than our usual crazy schedule! We FINISHED our school work. (Yes, I did make Ray finish his entire Math book.) We assembled portfolios of our work and met with a certified teacher (Thanks Cathy!) to have our work reviewed and approved. THEN.... we joined our awesome homeschool group for our annual end of the year picnic at a local park. It was a perfect, beautiful day! We had tons of fun! Here are a ton of pictures ----
The ever-popular craft table.
Fruit Loop necklaces and face painting

Some patriotic cuties!
Our picnic had a patriotic theme this year.

Too pretty to eat?

What a group of fun boys!
They had a great time playing on the "natural playground."
I think this is the only picture I got of Ray all day.
He was too busy playing.

We hired Coach Q of the "Homeschool*Gym" to play games with the kids.
It was fabulous fun for everyone!

Yummy picnic food!

Here's my annual response to the
"Don't your kids need socialization?"
You can play "Where's Waldo" and try to spot Adam and Ray.
Hint: Ray's head is turned, so good luck.

Check out these beautiful women!
My fabulous Catholic homeschool mom friends!

The bubble station was a big hit!
Good bye school!
Hello Summer!!!!!

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