Friday, June 21, 2013

Cub Scout Camp

Last week Ray and Adam attended Cub Scout Day Camp at a local metropark. It was a great experience!
Unfortunately, the first day was RAINY! Like good Boy Scouts, they were prepared. They loved wearing their ponchos.... and getting completely muddy!
Ray attended camp last year and Adam was SO EXCITED to get to join him this year.

Here's Ray with two friends from his den ---

Ray had a great group leader who sent us several pictures during the week!

I am amazed at how many activities the boys get to do at day camp. Crafts, fishing, hiking, bb gun shooting, archery, geocaching, badminton, camp songs, water games, field games, skits, fire safety, bounce house, animal studies, trading post..... they loved them all! They came home every evening dirty, tired, and full of stories.


The theme of this year's camp was "Welcome to the Jungle." On the last afternoon, they were performing songs and skits for the parents when suddenly the director announced that they were finally being rescued from the jungle.... and then a helicopter flew in and landed right in the field! It was really fun! All of the kids got to go check it out up close.

I loved Adam's enthusiasm about camp. He really had a blast. He was so proud when his group got to get up and sing and do their skit.

Adam is second from left in the yellow hat.

He was so excited to be part of this skit. His role: "part of the campfire." His job: "Get soaking wet." You can see his lovely backside below --- right before some other scouts came up and poured water all over the kids and camp directors.

Here's Ray's group. He's second from the right.

They did a skit about selling brains..... with the "hilarious" punch line explaining that the most expensive brain belonged to the camp director because it had never been used. Scout humor. Ha ha.
My favorite picture from the week ----

What did I do all week? Whatever I wanted! ;) Shopping, errands, relaxing, housework, time with friends.... I have to admit that this week gave me a mini-crisis. I really ENJOYED dropping them off and driving away... having some time to myself and knowing that they were getting to do really fun and worthwhile activities that I DID NOT HAVE TO PLAN OR LEAD. I began to feel jealous of moms who get to drop off their children every day at school. I began to question our decision to homeschool. But by 3:30 I did miss them and I loved picking them up and hearing their stories. This was a great week for us to transition into summer mode.  I'm thankful for the staff and volunteers who made it possible for my boys (and for me).

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