Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No Two Days the Same

I really laughed at myself and my life last Friday morning. A friend called and asked if we could get together. I had to decline. As I told her... "I've got the vet, a rodeo, in-laws, and the Olympics today." I love my life (usually), including weird days like last Friday. Here's a peek:

*We started by taking the kitties to the vet. Both of them weighed exactly 3 pounds 8 ounces. They actually walked right into the cat carrier when we brought it out and never cried at all in the car or when they got their shots. Weird cats. They actually contributed a lot to the craziness of the day by keeping us up all through the night with lots and lots of running and jumping and playing, including under our bed. Ugghhh!

*After the vet, it was off to the rodeo! Fortunately, there were no stampeding horses involved. Instead, there were more than 600 Cub Scouts wrapping up their "Wild West" week at day camp. Adam and I drove up to camp to be with Ray for the closing ceremonies and a picnic lunch. Then Ray got to take us around to lots of the fun stations he visited during the week. It was great to see how confident he was as he proudly showed us around and showed his brother how to participate in the various activities. But it was HOT! As I explained to the boys (after snapping at them on the way out and then guzzling a giant iced tea from the nearest fast food joint), I'm just not cut out for the Wild West lifestyle. My talents lie elsewhere. ;)

Gadzooks! That's a lot of boys!

The first place Ray took Adam was to the pool.
They both were thrilled to pass the swimming test so they could go in the deep end!

Next we were off to the shooting range. YIKES!
BB guns. I was terrified!
This went against all of the anti-gun propaganda I've tried to fill them with for seven years.
They loved it.

Fortunately I drafted some helpers at the archery station.
I have no clue how to shoot those things!

 Ray really had a good week at camp. I can't believe how many different activities he got to do! Fishing, creeking, BB guns, archery, boomerangs, swimming, woodworking, leather work, metal work, cooking over a fire, tall tales, sling shot.... Wow! He really wants to go back next year IF there are no thunderstorms. There were two scary days for him with storms this time.

*After we got home from the rodeo, we were thrilled to welcome one of Jon's sisters and her family (from Michigan) for a fun visit. We cooked out and visited and played and watched some of the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics.

Cousins! So happy to see each other for a fun few days!

Ray really enjoyed playing "Opening Ceremony Bingo."
 Thank you God for fun, busy days filled with new activities and with pets and people we love. Help us to appreciate all of the experiences and relationships through which we learn and grow in love. May we recognize and celebrate your presence with us through it all. Amen.

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