Saturday, July 7, 2012


Seriously! 110 degrees here!

It's even too hot for the pool today. On the news they're advising us to set our air conditioners no lower than 20 degrees below the outside temperature. We've got ours around 78... and we're just so thankful we have that.

We've actually enjoyed a nice lazy family day. The heat is a good excuse not to do chores or cook, right?

The boys have enjoyed more video game time than usual. I slept in and then spent lots of time reading a novel. We played several board games....

 We finished this 1000 999 piece puzzle we've been working on.

My mom joined us for a yummy dinner out at Olive Garden.

And then we stopped at the Red Box for a couple of movies.

 Right now the boys are in their underwear watching a movie in our bed with the fan blowing right on them. And I'm going to use this opportunity to work on some curriculum planning.

Please continue to pray for all who are really suffering from this heat, especially those who still have no power. We are supposed to have storms tomorrow that will bring a cool-down. Hopefully nothing severe. Let's hope the weather settles down so we can enjoy the rest of the summer.

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