Saturday, July 30, 2011

We Love Visitors!

We've been blessed with lots of visitors this week!

Jon's sister Mary Lou and her family came from Michigan to spend a few days with us. The boys especially enjoyed having their cousins here to play. They had a great time here at the house and in the yard. We all went to the playground, the art museum, and the pool as well.

Kelly and Adam were born exactly one week apart. They are great buddies. They both got a kick out of this picture from the last time they were together here at our house ---

 Shannon and Ray enjoyed playing with GeoTrax as well as playing Uno and Zoofari.
 It was really nice to have time to visit with Mary Lou and Chris.

 Later in the week my Dad and Mary rolled into town. We celebrated Mary's birthday on Thursday night. Here she is reading the book we made her for her birthday.

 Check out this colorful crew ---
(Those tongues just got done licking popsicles!)

We had a fun playdate on Friday morning!

 Dad and Mary got the boys all prepared for school by bringing them backpacks full of fresh new supplies! Now I just need to get the plans and schedules finalized.

It's been a busy, but fun week. Last night Dad and Mary babysat and Jon and I got out for a nice date night. We went to Carraba's for a yummy dinner and then we finally got to see the last movie in the Harry Potter series. We had a wonderful time.

 Today we had no visitors and were very lazy! :)

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