Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Excuse

Ouch! About two weeks ago I broke my right pinky finger. It seems to be healing ok and it's not a major nuisance, but I'm going to use that as my "excuse" for not blogging recently. (Typing is a bit tricky and is taking me much longer than usual.)

In truth, though, there have been lots of things going on here --- good, bad, and ugly (but nothing really major, thankfully)--- and I've just been really busy. This busy-ness and also the reason/way I broke my finger will be part of an upcoming post that I've been working on... the fruit of much reflection and discernment.

So please pardon my absence and stay tuned. Over the next few days I hope to inundate you with lots of catch-up posts! In the meantime, don't let this summer heat get you down! Lemonade, water, iced tea, popsicles.... some of our best friends on these hot days.
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  1. I'm sorry about your finger! I've missed your posts. Hope to see you soon.