Friday, June 3, 2011

You Wouldn't Believe It If I Told You!

I could tell you that this has been a very wild and crazy week with our family.... but that would be such an understatement! We are trying to laugh and roll with things but the past several days have been a real mix of "the good, the bad, and the ugly."

For now let me just say that these days have involved: trips to two doctors and an emergency room, lots and lots of puking, two fun picnics, a really nice baby shower, lost keys, an expensive bottle of prescription medication spilled in my purse, the conclusion of our school year, a broken air conditioner on a 93 degree day, two of the most embarrassing and humbling moments of my life, .....and I can't even remember the rest.

I will try to blog about some of it soon, but for now I'm going to be taking a little blogging break. Jon has some time off so we're going to try to re-group. We'll be attending some family graduation celebrations and taking the boys on some (hopefully) fun family outings. So please pray for us... and check back here in mid-June for some really good stories!

Here are some snapshots of some of the GOOD things that have been going on! (Believe me, you don't want to see the rest... although I have commented that I should have had a camera crew following me this week. You'd have to see the craziness to believe it!)

The best news of the week was that my ankle is NOT broken! It is sprained and I'm sporting a beautiful boot, but at least I'm walking! I won't be in the boot for long. Also, I have to add that I have lost 21 pounds on Weight Watchers! I am so thrilled about that, although exercising with my bad ankle is going to be problematic!

My friends and I had a spa-themed baby shower for our friend Becky, who is about to have her sixth child! It was such a fun "girls night!"

We took a family outing to a new park in downtown Columbus, "Columbus Commons."

We completed our Mary Garden and had a May Crowning on the last day of May.

We held a graduation ceremony/party on Memorial Day!
We celebrated Ray's completion of Kindergarten and Adam, Ryan, and Ella's completion of preschool!
It is so great to be on SUMMER VACATION!
I have to conclude by sharing this Scripture verse: "He makes me as surefooted as a deer, enabling me to stand on mountain heights." (2 Samuel 22:34) Immediately after writing my last post (which included my theological conjectures that God breaks my leg to get my attention), I read my daily devotional book which began with this quote! I laughed out loud... and got the message. I had it all wrong. God makes me surefooted. He is the rock. I am the one who stumbles and falls and acts foolishly when I am not fully open to His grace. Truly, through the ups and downs of this week, I have felt His presence and known His strength.  I am humbled. I am so grateful for His Love... and for the love and support of all my family and friends.

Enjoy these wonderful first days of Summer!

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  1. I'm so sorry about everything that has happened and am glad it is not broken! Looks like you have still been having some fun and hope that you enjoy some wonderful time off with the family!