Sunday, June 26, 2011

Safe and Holy... and Busy and Happy

Last week was special and busy for us. We were reminded of what a perk it is that we (as homeschoolers) don't have to be certain places at certain times every day. For five days in a row Adam attended Safety Town from 8:00am until 11:00am and both boys attended Vacation Bible School from 5:45pm until 8:30pm. So we did lots of dropping off and picking up, but we also had some kid-free time that we really enjoyed.

Safety Town is a WONDERFUL program that our city offers for children entering Kindergarten. Ray participated last year and Adam couldn't wait to get his chance at it. Basically, all of our city safety folks (police, firemen, lifegaurds, etc.) come together to teach the children all about safety rules and precautions. They learned about fire safety, bike safety, calling 911, poisons, water safety, safety around animals, gun safety, the jobs of police officers,....! Again this year I was so impressed by the organization of the program, by the professional teachers and helpful resources, and by how fun it is for the children.

Adam especially loved the fire safety trailer with simulated smoke, the "cars" in which he got to drive around "safety town," and the school bus ride. (It cracks me up that most homeschool kids would just LOVE the opportunity to ride a school bus. I think I'll charter one for a field trip this year! They won't care where we go just as long as they get to ride a bus!)

The children rode in school buses from the elementary school to the high school, where they participated in "Safety Town Graduation." Adam was very proud and happy! Here are some pictures from the graduation:

Adam and Ray both really enjoyed Vacation Bible School in the evenings. Jon and I enjoyed it too.... a few dinners out and some time spent with friends! The only difficult part was that the program didn't end until 8:30 each evening. Ray was WIPED OUT and Adam was HYPED UP. The bedtime ritual was out the window, but we're getting back on track this week.

The Bible School theme was "Son Surf Beach Bash." The children had fun with beach-themed stories, crafts, snacks, and songs... all related to Jesus of course. Here are some pictures from Friday evening's grand finale:

Who is that goofy kid with the green hat sticking up on top of his head? I'm so glad you asked. That would be my beloved son, Ray. :)

I am very thankful that my boys got to participate in these great programs. It was a bit strange (but nice) for me to be dropping them off for someone else to teach them. Hopefully they experienced and learned things that will help them be safe and holy! This week we are definitely slowing down the pace around here though.

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