Tuesday, November 11, 2014

No Excuses November

Hello! I've enjoyed some time off after the 31 day blogging challenge, but now I'm back. I'm happy to report that so far I've been faithful to my "No Excuses November" exercise challenge.... riding my stationary bike or walking for at least thirty minutes every day. I'm not conquering the world, but I am getting moving. It's amazing how a challenge - with definite limits - motivates me.

Other than that, we've been schooling, schooling, schooling. One of the biggest challenges I face daily is dealing with the whining and grumbling of the boys at school time. Today I tried a new strategy. When the whining and goofing-around started I grabbed my phone and started video taping them. I told them I was going to post the videos here and send them to their grandparents and friends and Santa and Fr. Sill (our pastor) and anybody else I could think of. Well, I ended up with many videos and photos throughout the day that looked like this ----

Success! We had such an awesome, hard-working day of school! I felt a few steps ahead of them for once! I'm not sure if it will work longterm, but I know that every time I picked up my phone they snapped to it and got working. So if someday you drop in here and see a video of some misbehaving homeschoolers, you'll know why! ;)

Keeping it real, though..... I did have to remove one mischievous child from my co-op class today. When I brought him home I made him write me a letter stating what he did wrong, how he feels about it, what he'll do next time, and what he thought his consequence should be. He requested 20 spankings as his consequence. Seriously, he'd rather get 20 spankings than lose video game time. We don't normally do spankings around here so maybe he doesn't realize what he was asking for.... but he got no video game time. Sigh. So much for Terrific Tuesday..... now on to Wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Yay for you on exercising! Keep it up!

    And... I hear you on keeping kids to task. One of mine is VERY strong-willed. Another has a strong antagonistic personality with lots of drama. I love the days that fall together beautifully. We've had a few rough weeks lately. I'm thinking Halloween candy and less sun. Some days I want to throw in the towel. Then a good day happens. :)