Saturday, November 15, 2014


We had lots of fun learning about chemistry in October and early November.  We used this kit ---
 as well as parts of this awesome unit study ---

 We really like this periodic table, which I found on Pinterest:
We also read lots of books, watched videos online, played a game called "Slap Six," and learned a fun song called the "Atoms Family."
We made models of atoms --- 
We did lots of "after dinner" science experiments with Daddy.

Making candles... observing matter changing from solid to liquid and back to solid.

Water beads
Yes, that does say "vodka!"

We wrote rebus stories inspired by these crazy scratch and sniff stickers.

But the most fun we had was our "Mad Scientist Day" when we got to mix potions in the garage!

Mr. "I just want to blow stuff up!"

The BEST part of this video clip is Adam's eyebrow-raising expression at the end.
I just hope he grows up to be a chemist who contributes to society and not some kind of terrorist!
I was amazed at how much Ray remembered from taking part in a co-op study on Chemistry two years ago. We're now designing some cool chemistry experiments for our homeschool science fair.

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