Sunday, July 6, 2014

Some Random Summer Fun Stuff

Some snapshots of summer so far ----

We were privileged to attend a beautiful Mass and Eucharistic procession on the Feast of Corpus Christi at Saint Peter Parish in Chillicothe, Ohio.  As a post-Vatican II Catholic, this is the FIRST time I've gotten to take part in something like this. It was so beautiful. I hope more parishes will begin to re-embrace such wonderful traditions.

A fun birthday celebration for two cuties!

Dad... this is for you.
I told Adam to go jump in a lake... and he did!

This is our outdoor guy for sure.
He got to kayak for the first time and now he wants his own kayak.

Boys can't go to a lake without dropping a fishing line in the water.
They didn't catch anything, but had fun trying.

It rains EVERY Wednesday night.
During our swim meets.
We did have a cool rainbow one week.

Our parish didn't have VBS this summer because of some renovations going on in the school, but the boys participated in VBS at a neighboring parish with some friends. They had a great time. Here's Ray showing off his tomb craft.

I read this great book. I highly recommend it.

This picture shows what an entire year of school work looks like.
We finally had our school-year evaluation with a certified teacher.
The boys officially "passed" to 3rd and 4th grade.
Now I need to put all that work away and get busy organizing for a new school year.

At the end of each school year I compile a portfolio and yearbook for each child.
The portfolio showcases samples of their basic school work as well as important/special projects from the year.
The yearbook is made (at from pictures taken throughout the year. It shows special projects, field trips, family adventures, activities, holidays.

A sample page from Ray's yearbook.

Ray's pre-race warm-up dance.
Look at that torso!
He's a mini-Michael Phelpps.
He is really good at backstroke.... came in first place as he led off his relay.

Check out these lovely ladies!
This is my goddaughter Lucy and her grandma Naomi.
Swim team is so much fun because lots of our friends are part of it as well.

Another one of our goddaughters... Cassandra... and her mom Kim.
Cassandra has been facing her fears and pushing herself to make it across the pool.
We are so proud of her and we love cheering her on each week.

Adam recovering from a super-intense butterfly race!
You should have seen those arms flailing!
He's doing great.

Ray doing the backstroke

Ray diving off the block.

Mamaw should win a medal for coming to the meet and getting DRENCHED in a monsoon!

Our fun friends!

Ella :)

Jon was excited to be an official timer... until the monsoon hit.

Swim team photo... on a morning when it was raining of course.

Ray and Adam after a long day at Cub Scout camp.
They had fun hiking, fishing, doing crafts, geocaching, and just being boys!

Father's Day!
We went to Mass, out to breakfast, gave Jon fun gifts, and went to the pool.
Ray at the orthodontist!
He gets braces on Thursday!

Spin art made at the downtown library summer reading program kick-off.

Fun with friends at the pool!

Hooray for Summer!!!!!

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  1. Looks like you are having a wonderful summer, great pictures! I have a 3 and 4th grader too, time flies! Our kids love their kayaks- you can find great prices for used ones on Craigslist- go for it! ;)